TechMatte Apple Pencil Lightning Cable Charging Adapter for iPad Pro Female to Female Connector (.75 Inches)

Product Specification:

.75 inches


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Product Details


  • A Lightning Cable Charging Adapter designed to charge the Apple Pencil with a Lightning cable
  • Provides an alternative connection with a female to female connector for the Apple Pencil and Lightning cable
  • Connection allows Apple Pencil to be charged with any Lightning cable you already have
  • Contains one TechMatte Charging Adapter for Apple Pencil and One Lightning Adapter Tether
  • *Not for use as a Lightning Cable Extender*

What's in the Box

(1) TechMatte Charging Adapter (white)


Compatible With

Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

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Question and Answers


  1. Marla Kimmel:

    Where else can this item be purchased? It is currently out of stock on Amazon and no information is available as to when it will be available.

    12/6/2016 8:09:14 AM [Respond]
  2. Carl Webber:

    Hi there, I would love a female-female lightning adapter for my apple pencil, but amazon won't ship to New Zealand. Will you, please?

    1/29/2017 7:31:49 PM [Respond]
  3. Carl Webber:

    Please disregard previous question. I have been able to purchase your adapter from

    1/29/2017 7:39:51 PM [Respond]


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