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About TechMatte Inc.

We are TechMatte Inc. - a fast-growing and innovative technology company invested in continuous improvement and the development of the most current, reliable, and affordable products on the market. We strive every day to provide our consumers with high quality products that meet their accessory needs.

We offer four unique brands of electronic accessories ; they are amPen, amCase, amFilm, and our flagship line, TechMatte.

Our amPen brand features a wide selection of high-tech stylus pens, lanyards, and other stylus accessories. Made from high quality materials, our amPen Stylus pens are built to last and provide outstanding performance. Advances in engineering technology have allowed us to increase sensitivity in our stylus pens, providing accurate and responsive touch.

Developing durable and affordable protection for all devices, including phones and tablets, is at the forefront of our amCase brand. With a range of neoprene sleeves for computers and tablets, as well as plastic and rubberized protection for phones, we've got you covered!

Using the latest in protective film technology, our amFilm brand offers a variety of screen protectors for many of the most popular tablets, cell phones, and touchscreen devices on today's market. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or an Android device, it is important to protect your investment from scratches, cracks, and everyday wear. A simple application process ensures proper protection of your device.

Our flagship TechMatte brand offers an array of portability accessories that are essential in today's' electronic driven world. Take your device on the road with our sturdy car mounts, or power up on the go with our car chargers. Sick of plugging in your device to charge up? We have a solution for that with our wireless chargers and wireless charging accessories!

TechMatte Inc. is strongly committed to producing lasting and much-needed products by combining customer feedback with only the highest quality materials. Having an open relationship with our customers is something we are very proud of! We are constantly changing and improving our products by listening to the feedback our customers provide through reviews. Since we strive to provide such a high level of quality in our product, as well as 100% customer satisfaction, our brands help make the fast-paced world of technology easier for you to navigate, interact with, and enjoy! Providing impeccable customer service and unsurpassed product satisfaction is our mission!