Below you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you still can’t find an answer to a question you have, our Customer Support team is happy to help!

Screen Protectors
What will a screen protector do for me? Do I really need one?
Since we use our electronic devices everywhere and in all situations, a screen protector is crucial for shielding your phones, tablets and other gear from potential cracks, scratches, dust and fingerprint smudges. A screen protector paired with a solid drop-protection case will protect your phone from front to back!
What are the differences between tempered glass, PET and UV gel screens?
Tempered Glass: multi-layered sheet protection from scratches, oils from fingers, and shock without the bulk or added weight. Tempered glass provides an exceptionally clear display.
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate): type of plastic typically made for water bottles and other food containers. PET protectors are thin, light, clear, and provide an anti-scratch layer to your device’s screen.
UV Gel: liquid glue that evenly disperses over your entire screen during application and hardens to create an impenetrable edge-to-edge barrier. UV gel also allows a perfect adhesion to curved displays, and works with in screen fingerprint scanners.
This screen protector isn’t glass! Glass can’t bend in half, right?
It’s true - glass can bend! Not only do our tempered glass protectors bend, but the screens on your phones, tablets and gaming devices bend too. But don’t think of these pieces of glass the same way you picture glasses in your kitchen. The tempering process makes our screen protectors tough and flexible to withstand pressure from daily use.
How do I install my screen protector?
The type of screen you purchase will determine the best method of applying it to your phone. Check out our step-by-step instructions and videos for a flawless application.
I got bubbles during installation! What do I do?
If you have a regular glass screen protector, lift the corner nearest the bubble with your fingernail. If it is just a pocket of air, the protector will re-seal itself upon re-setting. If the bubble is still there (and with a dot in the middle), that means there is a piece of dust on the phone! We can offer you a replacement, or you can try to use one of the dust removal stickers that come in your package to try to extract the dust while lifting the screen protector.
I put on my new screen protector and now my phone doesn’t register my touches. What do I do?
It’s possible to experience some initial resistance scrolling when the screen protector is first applied. If you “break it in” and continue to have problems with the scrolling/motion, it is possible that you may have received a defective product. Please email us at and we will be more than happy to help resolve this matter. Note: If you own a Samsung Phone, make sure you go to the settings and turn on Touch Sensitivity! This feature was made by Samsung to be used in conjunction with screen protectors.
How do I remove a screen protector from my device?
Start by lifting the screen from a corner (test each side to find the weakest one). If you cannot loosen a corner with your finger, try using a toothpick. After you have a corner lifted, move along the perimeter of the protector and gently loosen the edges while peeling it up as you go. Continue pulling slowly until the screen protector is completely detached.
Why are some screen protectors slightly smaller than my actual phone screen?
They’re intentionally made to be a little smaller than the actual screen due to the curved-edge design of phones and tablets. This prevents the screen protector from overlaying on the curved edges, which can lead to unwanted bubbles and peeling.
My screen protector covers the front facing camera – will this affect my pictures?
Not at all! Our screen protectors provide optimal clarity for a natural viewing experience, especially when using the camera to take photos.
What can I do to remove smudges on my screen?
The best way to care for your screen protector is with a microfiber cloth. They’re gentle, safe for all surfaces, and completely remove dust, fingerprints and smudges from your device. We include a microfiber cloth with most of our screen protectors so you have one on hand whenever needed.
My screen protectors arrived damaged in the mail! What do I do now?
We’re sorry!! Please contact us at to get a free replacement.
Car Mounts
Why do I need a car phone mount?
A car mount allows you keep your hands on the wheel while your phone is secured in an optimum position for safe viewing while driving.
Can local regulations affect the type of car mount I can use?
It’s true that some state laws prohibit the use of suction cup mounts on windshields because they can block your view and cause safety concerns. Make sure you check your local regulations before purchasing a mount that could get you into trouble. We also offer less “obtrusive” models like vent and CD slot if a windshield mount is not allowed.
Can I position my phone horizontal and vertical while using a car mount?
Yes you can. Once your phone is secured to one of our magnetic mounts, you can simply turn your phone in the direction that’s most comfortable for you.
Do your car mounts work with phones that have cases?
Our car mounts work with a large variety of cases under 5mm thick. If you’re unsure about your case compatibility, our support team is happy to assist.
Do your vent mounts fit any air vent?
Our air vent phone mounts are designed to be fully compatible with most vehicle vents, but some models may not be compatible with certain round or vertical styles.
Do your vent mounts block air flow while attached?
The size of your vent and the type of phone you attach may cause your vent to be slightly covered, but it shouldn’t impact air flow while in use. If you find that it does, simply adjust your other vents to balance out the air flow.
Will your air vent mounts leave scratches?
No, our air vent mounts do not leave any permanent scratches on your car due to the soft rubber base construction that slides into your vent.
My car mount’s windshield/dash suction cup isn’t as sticky as it used to be. How can I clean it?
We recommend cleaning the gel suction cup with water and mild soap, followed by completely air drying before mounting it back into the car.
Apple Pencil Accessories
Why use a charging dock when I can just plug my pencil into my iPad?
Not only can you simultaneously charge your iPad and Apple Pencil because your pencil is charging in the dock, but now your iPad isn’t losing any battery life trying to charge your pencil.
How long does it take for your charging dock to charge my pencil?
If you need to know how much charge your Apple Pencil has, simply check its battery level through your iPad.
Will my pencil overheat if it’s left in the charging dock?
In addition to charging, our dock is designed to hold onto your pencil when it’s not in use. You may leave it secured in the dock however long you’d like.
What are the benefits of using an Apple Pencil magnetic sleeve grip?
The sleeve’s soft rubber holder provides a comfortable grip, while also preventing your pencil from moving around, scuffing, or getting scratches on its surface. The sleeve is also magnetic, which allows you to conveniently attach your pencil to your iPad or any magnetic surface for easy storage.
How can I stop losing my pencil caps?
We understand how frustrating it can be to lose a cap. To help, we offer Apple Pencil cap holders to keep them safe and secure. We also offer silicone and magnetic cap replacement packs so you have extra backups on hand in case you lose one. These can all be found on our Apple Pencil Accessories page.
What charging cable and/or adapter do I need?
An Apple Pencil always comes packaged with a female to female lightning adapter, which allows the pencil to be charged with a lightning cable. However, you may find yourself wanting other convenient compatibility choices, like a male to female adapter or a longer cable/adapter. We offer all these options on our Apple Pencil accessories page. .
Should I consider using a carrying case for my pencil?
Absolutely! Our Apple Pencil box and carrying case protects your pencil from scratches, dirt and dust while not in use. It’s also a great option for keeping your pencil secure, especially if you take it on the go quite often.
Stylus & Accessories
What are the benefits of using a Stylus?
Easy to handle like a ballpoint pen, a Stylus allows you to navigate, swipe, and type with better control. It also has a small, soft touch tip that uses less surface area than a finger, which improves accuracy. And if you can’t stand the sight of fingerprints, a Stylus is clean and doesn’t leave oily stains or smudges.
How does a Stylus work?
Simply touch and move a Stylus around a touch screen surface like a phone or tablet the same as you would use your finger.
What are the differences between a Stylus Hybrid, Capacitive, Twist and Disk?
Hybrid: a mesh fiber tip that protects your touch screen device from scratches. The tip is interchangeable and replaceable.
Capacitive: a rubber tip that conducts the electrical charge from your pen to the screen just like your finger would. It can be used on any touch screen device that works with your finger.
Twist: a capacitive rubber tip on one end and an integrated ink pen on the other side (ink pen side not to be used on touch screen devices).
Disk: a Hybrid mesh fiber tip on one end and a plastic Disk tip on the other side to write notes and draw on touch screen devices.
Should I consider a dual-sided Stylus?
We highly recommend a dual-sided Stylus to anyone who likes to equally use a tip to navigate, swipe and type and a disk tip to write notes and draw on their touch screen device.
How often should I change my Stylus tip?
Stylus tips are very durable – don’t be surprised if you don’t replace yours for a few years! A couple tell-tale signs that it might be time for a replacement are by the feel and functionality. As it wears down from use, the tip might feel a little rougher, but this won’t hurt your screen. If you notice the tip feels very rough or like sandpaper, it might be worn down to the plastic and it’s time to consider replacing.
How do I replace my Stylus tip?
Simply unscrew the old one counterclockwise, screw your new tip in clockwise, and you’re ready to go!
How do I replace my Stylus Disk tip?
Simply pull the old disk tip out and push a new one into your Stylus.
What happens if my purchase has a defect?
If you run into any quality-related issues, you’re covered by our One Year Warranty. This allows our customers to contact us for a free replacement of the product during the 12 months following the original date of purchase.
Tell me more about your Extended Warranty
Customers who purchase a TechMatte product and register it within 30 days from the date of purchase receive 24-month warranty coverage. This includes one replacement of the originally purchased product (due to quality issues) for 24 months from date of purchase.
Do you have any specific warranties for your amFilm screen protectors?
We do! Those who purchase a screen protector can register for our amFilm Lifetime Warranty, which includes one free replacement of the originally purchased product.* Customers who also register their screen protector within 30 days from date of purchase can unlock our Extended Warranty, which includes two free replacements of the originally purchased product. You can learn more about these on our Warranty page. *For any amFilm Ultra Glass Screen Protector orders, the Lifetime Warranty will cover one (1) replacement package (screen protector and UV Gel).
How do I register my purchase?
You can register your product by going to