amFilm Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector Glass 3D Curve

Product Specification:

Galaxy Note 8
Tempered Glass


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Product Details


  • Specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Full Screen Coverage, Edge to Edge
  • Bubble Free Guaranteed, Designed for easy installation
  • Ultra thin-0.3mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity
  • Highly durable, and scratch resistant - surface hardness 9H
  • Includes: 1x Glass Screen Protector, 1 Easy Installation Tray, Wet/Dry Wipes,Dust Removal Stickers and Installation and Use Guidance

What's in the Box

1x Glass Screen Protector,1 Easy Installation Tray, Wet/Dry Wipes,Dust Removal Stickers and Installation and Use Guidance


Compatible With

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Product Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5

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1AngryPatriot on 12/27/2020
A returning customer
I have a Note 8, which has a curved edge screen. The protectors Techmatte provide are awesome but that curved edge plays Hell with the glass, they're constantly spiderwebing. I fault the phone design, not Techmatte products. Their warranty policy is outstanding, which is why I'm a return customer.

Question and Answers


  1. Ted Chamut:

    Is this glass compatible with the Otterbox Defender case?...thank you...sounds like a great product...buy in Canada ?..

    10/16/2017 7:56:52 AM [Respond]
  2. Tdog:

    Is there a way to remove this and reapply? I noticed some dust after it was installed and it's really annoying me.

    11/6/2017 3:07:45 PM [Respond]
  3. Cap10gus:

    How should the Dust Removal stickers be used? There are no reference to the stickers in the instructions or installation video.

    4/27/2019 8:10:19 AM [Respond]
    • TechMatte Support:

      Dust Removal stickers are used to remove the dusts on screen. You don't have to use them if not needed.

      4/28/2019 8:07:50 PM [Respond]
  4. sandy912:


    1/1/2020 5:38:20 PM [Respond]
  5. Kylev18:

    My protector for my screen came empty but the Box in the alcohol pads came how do I get a refund

    2/11/2021 12:17:54 AM [Respond]
    • TechMatte Support:

      We apologize for any inconvenience. For assistance, please reach out to our support team via email at support@techmatte.com. We will be happy to help.

      2/16/2021 1:40:57 PM [Respond]


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