5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Phone

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Looking to buy a new phone? While we can probably guess you’re excited for a faster, upgraded model, you might be wondering what to do with your old one. Sure, you could sell or trade it in, but have you considered what other crafty things you could do with your old device? After all, cell phones are small, powerful computers with storage space and a camera. Here are some innovative ways to repurpose your device into something you’ll be excited to use.

Universal Remote: Having a remote that controls all devices is a great gadget to have, so why not convert your old phone into one? Simply download a remote control app and sync your phone to your online streaming devices and platforms like Apple TV, Roku and Xbox One. You can even sync your phone up with your lighting if you use smart bulbs – that’s easy living!

Server: If you’re looking to take advantage of unused storage space on your old device, turning it into a mini server is a practical option. There are several free server apps out there to download and they’re pretty helpful on how to get you set up. This is a great solution if your new phone doesn’t quite have the amount of local storage space you want, and it’s easy for you to access files on the go.

Nintendo Game Boy/Gameboy Color: Listen up Android users! Did you own a Gameboy or Gameboy Color and still have the cartridges? This is a perfect opportunity to convert your phone into a gaming system! For $50.00, you can purchase Hyperkin SmartBoy Mobile Device, which attaches to Android USB-Type C smartphones and is compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Now that’s a phone accessory!

Do you frequently use video chats like Skype or Zoom for work or catching up with friends and family? Repurposing your phone into a webcam could immediately improve the video quality of your chats, especially if your laptop’s built-in webcam isn’t as new. And, if your phone becomes a webcam, having the ability to move around while video chatting is a major bonus.

Music Player: Turn your old phone into a media player and add as many songs as you want without the worry of using too much space. Just wipe everything off your device except any music and music apps you currently have on it. You’ll no longer have incoming calls or texts interrupting your music and you can easily leave it in one place. Now, connect it to some wireless speakers and you’re ready to entertain!

Feeling inspired? We hope so! Enjoy your new phones and have fun converting your older devices into something great.