Best Car Gadgets to Keep You Driving Safely

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As states are easing stay-at-home restrictions from Covid-19, you may find yourself driving more often to visit family and friends, going back to the office, or shopping at recently re-opened businesses. Now that you’re getting back into the routine of using your vehicle, it’s a good time to assess what you have in your car to help you drive safer and easier. Here are a few must-have accessories we suggest having on hand year round:

Phone car mount: Keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes forward is vital for safe driving. We know however, how tempting it is to be distracted from incoming phone calls and texts. Instead of placing your phone somewhere you know you’re going to have to pull your attention away from retrieve it, consider a phone mount for the car. You can purchase different styles depending on your preference, such as a mount for the vent, dashboard or windshield. All our car mounts are designed to magnetically secure your devices to them so they stay in place, regardless of the driving condition. And don’t worry if your phone is in a case. Our mounts are compatible with a variety of cases that don’t block the magnetic pull.

Tablet/iPad headrest holder:
Driving long distances that may take hours? One of the best ways for passengers to pass the time, especially if you have children, is watching a movie or TV show on a tablet. To avoid a stiff neck from looking down at a screen the entire time, opt for a holder you can attach to the front seat headrests. They elastically secure tablets to prevent them from falling and allow for endless entertainment to your backseat riders.

On-the-go phone chargers:
It’s much safer to have a fully charged phone while you’re out in case of emergency. For times you don’t, we suggest storing a USB cable in your glove compartment for easy charging access. We have different length cables depending on your needs and also sell them in packs if you’d rather have more than one in your vehicle.

Visor tissue case: Are you one of many drivers who have a tissue box sitting in the rear window? Although it might be accessible to your passengers, its location certainly isn’t doing yourself any favors. Keep tissues in arms reach with a visor tissue holder. Simply clip the holder over your sun visor and you’re ready to go.

Window shower caddy: If you’re running errands with young children, you probably have drinks, snacks, and toys on hand to give them while driving. We know it might seem easy to pass something back to them at a red light or stop sign, but in reality, it’s not safe for you or them to take focus off your surroundings. To make things easier, try suctioning basic shower caddies to your windows for your children to get what they need. They’re easy to reach, keep items organized, and you can remove them when not in use.

With the right essentials, distraction-free driving can be so easy to achieve. Give these accessories a try and enjoy the ride!