Helpful Tips to Avoid Dropping Your Phone

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We’re all guilty of accidentally dropping our phones (some of us more than others!) and most of the time we get lucky without scratches or cracks. But on that not-so-lucky day, you may find yourself with a shattered screen and an unreasonably expensive repair bill. Here are a few simple tips to avoid dropping your devices and keep them safe from accidents.

Turn on Reachability Mode/One-Handed Mode in phone settings.

If you have a larger device, you may notice it’s more difficult to reach the top of the phone to tap or swipe without the phone slipping out of your hand. Both Apple and Android have their own unique features to help with this problem: Apple’s Reachability feature allows you to slide the screen down halfway so all apps are within reach of your thumb and Android’s one-handed mode lets you shrink the screen to the bottom corner.

  • To enable on an iPhone, go to General > Accessibility > Reachability
  • To enable on a Samsung, go to Settings > Advanced Features > One-Handed Mode

Attach a holder/grip/mount to your phone.

Multitask a lot? If you’re the type of person who has their phone in one hand and a coffee in the other while doing a third task, maintaining a firm grip on your device is probably tricky. For a sturdier grip, consider using an accessory like a Popsocket or ring holder. These attach to the back and allow you to focus on holding a smaller base rather than the entire phone.

A car phone mount is also a great idea for safe, hands-free driving. These are designed to hold your phone in an easy-to-access location like the vent or dashboard versus placing your device in an inconvenient area like a cup holder.

If you own an iPhone, we have a nice collection of MagSafe accessories (car mounts, grips, cases and more) compatible with iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and devices using a MagSafe case.

Use a strong case and screen protector.

No matter how careful you are with your phone, it doesn’t hurt to boost its defenses with extra layers of protection. By using a case and screen protector, you’re doubly preventing potential scratches and cracks from day-to-day impacts like bumps and drops. In the long run, these inexpensive accessories are worth it, especially if you want to avoid pricey repair fees!

Let’s all make a promise to stop dropping our phones – we hope you give these tips a try!