3 Signs it’s Time to Replace a Screen Protector

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If you use screen protectors for your phone, then you already know just how effective they are in preventing accidental damages to your device. You also know with the right one, they can last for a long time (even years!). With care, a screen protector will last indefinitely. But, there are certain times when replacing your screen protector are a good idea. Here’s three times you should definitively give your phone a fresh screen protector:

1. When it’s cracking like an egg

This is the number one reason why screen protectors get replaced. When a screen protector cracks from an impact like a drop onto a hard surface, it quickly morphs into a spider web shape that continues to grow. You may even start seeing pieces fall off if you continue to leave it on. It’s not a good idea to continue using a broken screen protector, as it has the potential to cut from its very sharp cracks.

2. When it’s scratched into oblivion

One purpose of a screen protector is to shield your device’s screen from daily wear, especially scratches. These are most often caused by other objects sharing pocket or purse space with your phone, like keys or other items that have the tendency to leave scratches. And the more scratches the protector has, the harder it is to see your screen. When it gets too difficult to browse the internet and text friends, then it’s time for a replacement.

3. When it’s peeling off

When a protector’s adhesive begins falling apart, you might start seeing it peel at the edges. This typically happens if it has contact with water, has dust trapped underneath, or it wasn’t installed correctly from the beginning. As the screen protector continues to peel, you may notice that your phone isn’t recognizing your tap and swipes as efficiently because the screen protector is no longer making good contact with the screen itself.

Is it time for a new screen protector?

Remember, the job of a screen protector is to defend and shield your phone from any impacts that would otherwise damage your screen if it wasn’t protected. If the protector breaks, replace it as soon as possible so your phone can continue getting the best protection.

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