How to Remove Scratches from Your Phone

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We try so hard to take care of our phones. Using screen protectors, cases, and just being aware of where our devices are, are all good practices. But, accidents can happen. If you’ve recently dropped your phone, or it came into contact with another object that left one or multiple scratches, you’re probably wondering if there’s some way you can get your screen back to its glossy, pristine self. We’re here to tell you there is hope!

If you want to try removing scratches, give the following methods a shot. Note: although not 100% guaranteed to fix your screen, they’re certainly worth trying.

Glass Polish Kits

A very cost-effective option, glass polish is designed to clean, buff and remove scratches for a number of belongings, including your phone. It has very mild abrasive properties that gently polish the screen as you rub. You can find glass polish skits in stores/online, which include large budding pads and smaller tools that are ideal for corners.

When using glass polish, you’re essentially removing the surface around the scratches, which reduces the thickness of the entire sheet of glass. Most micro-scratches will disappear entirely, and deeper scratches will become less noticeable.

Note: be aware that most phone screens have an oleophobic coating (oil-resistant fingerprint reducer) and over polishing can potentially remove this coating. Less is more!


Toothpaste is another mild abrasive way to remove scratches, specifically a normal, non-gel paste. Frist, cover any ports and openings you don’t want the toothpaste to touch. Next, dab a small amount of paste onto a cotton swab and gently swirl it around the areas on the screen with scratches. Lastly, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe it off.

Note: many people have used this method, but experiences and results vary. Be careful and cautious if you decide to try this option.

Replace the Screen

If your phone is too deeply scratched, the above methods might not be enough to make a difference. Now might be the time to consider replacing the screen, whether that’s through a warranty program you may have opted into previously, going to a service provider store, or visiting a mall kiosk. Keep in mind these services can be pricey.

And if you recently bought a phone or don’t have any scratches yet…

Use a Screen Protector

Prevent scratches from the beginning and use a screen protector like our amFilm! Screen protectors are your ultimate shields and defenders against potential cracks, scratches, dust and fingerprints from daily use. The moment you get a new phone, or replace the screen, you should immediately apply a screen protector so you don’t have to worry about removing scratches from your device again.

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