4 Ways to Give Your Devices a Spring Clean

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Hooray, it’s officially spring season! Are you the type of person that’s ready to open the windows and start dusting those nooks and crannies you’ve been ignoring all winter? If yes, there’s some items in particular that need a good cleaning ASAP and you’re probably looking at one of them right now. That’s right – your phone and tablets! Here’s how to get your devices looking squeaky clean inside and out.

On the Outside:

Clean your device surfaces. When was the last time you cleaned any of your screens or cases? On average, people touch just their phones about 2,617 times a day. That’s a lot of bacteria transferring to and from your hands, face, and every surface your device has touched! We recommend using an isopropyl alcohol or disinfecting wipe for a thorough cleaning and keeping a microfiber cloth nearby to reduce fingerprints and smudges.

Note: do NOT clean your devices with the following products:
• Bleach
• Chlorine
• Hand sanitizer
• Cleaning sprays

Freshen up with a new screen protector. Currently using screen protectors on your devices? If you notice any of them showing some wear like small cracks or scratches, remove and apply new ones for optimal defense. Not using a screen protector? Not only does it help protect against cracks and scratches, it also prevents fingerprints and smudges from actually touching your screen. Sounds like a great benefit to us!

On the Inside:

Clear out app clutter. We’ve all downloaded apps and games to test out, only to forget about them. The problem is they not only take up space, but they also might be connecting to the internet and using your data plan without you ever knowing. Take a few minutes to review what you currently have installed, check how much space they’re taking up, and decide which ones you no longer need and uninstall them.

Move photos to cloud-based storage. Everybody takes photos and screenshots on a daily basis, and they end up taking up a larger amount of space on your device than you would think. We have two suggestions: first, delete any photos you don’t want any more. And second, turn on your iCloud (Apple users) or Google Drive (Android users) if it isn’t on already and select which features (like photos) you want to back up.

We hope these suggestions give you a nice kick start to your spring cleaning!