Tech Accessories Every College Student Needs

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A new semester is around the corner and now’s the time to get the supplies you need. Specifically, accessories for your devices! Here’s a few we think you should check out for your phones, tablets and laptops while you’re on and off campus.

Screen Protectors

The last thing you need to kick-off your fall is with a cracked or scratched screen. Accidents happen, and we’ve all been guilty of dropping our devices. So give them that extra layer of protection with our amFilm screen protectors. We’ve got classic flat edge, full edge-to-edge, privacy and heavy duty options (plus camera protectors) depending on your preference. Not sure what to get? Here’s a breakdown of types of screen protectors we offer. In the long run, these inexpensive protectors are worth it, especially if you want to avoid pricey repair fees!

MagSafe Accessories

We have a great selection of MagSafe accessories compatible with the more recent years of iPhone models and those using magsafe cases on older models. From vent mounts and grips to stands and cases, we make it simple for you to multi-task and use your devices easily.

Car Mounts

We understand the need to use a phone while driving, but it should always be done safely. Consider using our MagSafe or universal options when you’re commuting to class or running an errand. It’s so much easier to make calls, navigate, and listen to music.


No matter what you’re doing each day, your devices are probably on a countertop nearby for easy access. And because it’s just sitting there flat on a surface, most likely you’re stopping periodically to look down and answer a text or look up something online. To prevent ongoing strain to your neck and spine, we suggest checking out our stands. They’re perfect to use for research and studying.

Charging Cables

There’s nothing worse than having a low battery, especially when you’re in class. That’s why we offer a selection of USB (all types) cables and adapters and to charge, sync and transfer data on your devices no matter where you are.

Cleaning Wipes

How often are you cleaning your devices? If the answer isn’t daily, it’s time to make a change. On average, cellphone users touch their devices about 2,617 times a day. That’s a lot of bacteria! We have pre-moistened cleansing wipes (100 in each pack) that thoroughly disinfect and clean your devices without leaving scratches or streaks.

We hope you have a great semester!