amFilm Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Glass Screen Protector (2-Pack)

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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra


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  • Proudly presenting amFilm Ultra: The Perfect Glass Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Unlike any alternative on the market, this protector will work fully with the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. Simply re-scan your fingerprint AFTER application. (Please be advised - the four dots around the scanner ARE supposed to be there. They are part of the solution to allow the fingerprint scanner to work)
  • This package comes with all components needed to get a perfect installation, including a detailed application manual, as well as an installation video (available on this webpage).
  • This protector covers the rounded edges of the Note 20 Ultra with a highly transparent glass with no dot matrix or other impediments of previous Screen Protector iterations.
  • Lastly, we offer round-the-clock customer support for all of our products. If you encounter any issues during or after the application, just send us an email and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

What's in the Box

2 amFilm Ultra Screen Protectors, and everything you need to install them.


Compatible With

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 

Product Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5

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Kevin Fahler on 1/13/2021
Not for a case
When I installed this protector I was so impressed with how easy it was to install and how it looked and felt on the phone. The fingerprint sensor worked great as well. I put it in my one case and had it in my pocket and it lifted. I tried another case and the same thing happened. If you use this without a case it might be good but it is not case friendly it wouldn't even work in a slim case. I went back to my normal brand protector it won't come off till I remove it. Amazon refunded my money.

Question and Answers


  1. matthew.s.ellis@gmail.com:

    What is the warranty/guarantee for the screen protector amFilm Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Glass Screen Protector (2-Pack)?

    8/28/2020 8:48:12 AM [Respond]
    • TechMatte Support:

      For our Ultra Glass products, the Lifetime Warranty will cover one (1) replacement package (screen protector and UV Gel). If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our support team by email at support@techmatte.com.

      8/28/2020 10:30:33 AM [Respond]
  2. cdcase:

    Does the screen face cover the entire screen at the top and bottom or is there an exposed edge? Also, is it better to allow the glue to spread over the fingerprint sensor area and then place the weight on top, or place the weight on before the glue reaches that area?

    9/3/2020 8:52:31 PM [Respond]
    • TechMatte Support:

      Our Ultra Glass screen protector will cover the entire display area. The protector is designed to leave a very small margin of space along all edges to allow for compatibility with most phone cases. During installation, the metal cylinder should be placed over the fingerprint scanner right after removing the orange pull pin. For additional questions, feel free to contact us by email at support @techmatte.com.

      9/5/2020 1:35:31 PM [Respond]
      • cdcase:

        So to be clear, immediately after the orange pull pin is pulled the weight should be placed on the glass? Please be clear in your response. Is the orange pin to be pulled and then the glue spread over the area first before putting the weight on, or am I to immediately put the weight on before letting the glue cover that area? Also it seems like the protector does not cover the lower bezel at all. Is this correct?

        9/5/2020 2:14:54 PM [Respond]
  3. joker55:

    Hi folks, I installed the protector, the installation seems to have gone ok, but after carrying the phone for few hrs in the pocket, one corner has peeled off. I pressed it back. Is there a way to secure it?

    10/21/2020 2:16:59 AM [Respond]
    • TechMatte Support:

      We are sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with the protector. Please contact our support team at your earliest convenience for assistance. support@techmatte.com

      10/21/2020 9:53:50 AM [Respond]
  4. aadame84:

    wil otterbox defener fit with this protector?

    4/21/2023 4:41:55 PM [Respond]
    • TechMatte Support:

      Thank you for your question. We do not recommend OtterBox phone cases with our screen protector.

      4/24/2023 9:22:08 PM [Respond]


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