amFilm OneTouch iPhone 14 Pro Max Glass Screen Protector (6.7", 2022) (2-Pack)

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iPhone 14 Pro Max (2022)
Tempered Glass


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  • Patented Auto-Alignment Tech. Perfect installation within 60 seconds! The screen protector is embedded in a plastic frame that fits perfectly over your phone. Set the frame on your phone, swipe down the middle, and done! Watch our Installation Video to see how easy it is to use our Innovative OneTouch Auto-Alignment Screen Protector.
  • Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7". Specially designed ONLY for iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7". Not compatible with any other iPhone models.
  • 2 Pack. iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7" Screen Protectors, two auto alignment tool kits (screen protectors come pre-installed in the auto alignment tool) and two installation accessory kits.
  • Screen Protection. 0.33mm thick premium tempered glass offers full coverage, scratch resistance, and drop protection for your iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7"
  • Anti-Fingerprint. amFilm tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7" is finished with oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and provide ultra-clear high definition with 99.9% transparency.

What's in the Box

Includes: (2) OneTouch screen protector installation kits, (2) wet wipes, (1) installation manual, (2) microfiber cloths, (2) sheets of dust removal stickers, (2) large dust removal covers


Compatible With

iPhone 14 Pro Max (2022)

Product Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5

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carlos on 1/23/2023
Easy application
This product words as advertised easy installation all products you need are included
Joey Pappas on 1/19/2023
I never ever write reviews! This is the best screen protector ever. It’s super easy to put on. I put it on and honestly had to triple look to see if it was on its blends in so good!! No bubble marks no edge marks. Wow!! Great job!!
Brian on 1/16/2023
Just like glass
Perfect fit! Love it. Would definitely recommend to someone on the fence thinking of getting this.
Candy Willard on 1/8/2023
Wow! Simple!
The easiest screen protector I have ever used! Was super cool watching it stick lol
Daniel piotrowicz on 1/6/2023
Super screen protector
very clean and sharp screen protector
Joe45 on 1/2/2023
Performed extremely well
I usually expect small bubbles. This version performed beyond my expectation. It’s a week later and I have no bubbles or corners peeling back. Great if you follow the instructions to the letter.
Midwest938 on 12/30/2022
Easy on and fit well
Skycaptain on 12/27/2022
I swear the easiest screen protector install!!
I just love this screen protector!! Is just a breeze to install and flawless. And the cleaning accessories are just top quality. Buy this one you will not regret it. Ordering more big family with all iPhones
thiru sai krishna on 12/21/2022
Strong and invisible
Its so easy to install and strong to protect my mobile
Scott Herren on 12/17/2022
Best out there for the price!
These are so easy to apply and simply look great. I cannot find anything out there that can beat it for the price. I will continue to be my first stop when looking for screen protection.
Brandi Dexter on 12/13/2022
I dropped my phone today and the glass broke on the screen protector and my IPhone 14 Pro Max screen never cracked
Alexander King on 12/9/2022
Great product
Would buy again
Amazon Customer on 12/7/2022
Love this Protector
One of the best screen protectors I have used. Easy to install, sticks well.
Rollersk8 on 12/4/2022
Excellent product period!!
I have using amFilm screen protector for my whole family phones not only these are cheap but also very easy to install and protection to phone is excellent. Definitely recommend it
Journey on 12/3/2022
Absolute EASIEST install ever!
I am amazed at how easy this screen protector installed. It is exactly like the video. NO bubbles! I will always use this brand from now on! 5stars
Susan Ray on 12/2/2022
Super Easy to Install
Super easy installation!
Santosh Mandal on 11/26/2022
Excellent product. Easy to install without any hassle.
Ant on 11/26/2022
it worked perfectly
First time I’ve used a product like this and it worked perfectly. Feels premium on the fingers too.
Yang H on 11/22/2022
Literally the best design.
The installation system is literally the best. The alignment is 100% perfect with the one touch design
Alejandro A. Bautista on 11/22/2022
This is the easiest install ever!
Like the headline says: The easiest install ever!!!!
Perla M. on 11/21/2022
Work perfect
Easy to apply and gives great protection
Balal on 11/21/2022
Easiest install ever
This product makes applying a protective screen a no brainer. It’s the easiest application I have ever done. And when the screen is on, it practically becomes invisible. Highly recommended due to the easy installation of the product. I cannot comment on the durability of this product since I have only had if for a week.
MICHAEL ALOISE, JR on 11/20/2022
Must have
Easy to install. Great adhesion
Gooey Centaur 22 on 11/17/2022
Top clarity
This screen protector is easy to install thanks to the kit the seller provided. My previous screen protector affects touch sensitivity, which is no longer an issue with this one.
Jonathan Russo on 11/16/2022
The Best
I’ve tried them all and always dread it, this is by far the best and easiest screen protector.
Tom J on 11/14/2022
Wow! Super easy install.
Easiest screen protector install ever. Looks great!
iReview4U on 11/14/2022
In my opinion - the smoothest way of installing screen protector!
Finally, the easy way of installing a screen protector has arrived! Very easy to install. Just follow the pretty simple directions. Appreciate this great product! I installed it on two of the iPhone 14 pros and it looks and feels very good. It is very smooth and does not leave fingerprints and does not get smudged up. I need to see how long it lasts, so I may come back with updates but so far, so good.Totally recommend this product to everyone!
R. Martin on 11/12/2022
Perfect Screen Protector
Incredibly easy to install and 100% adhesion across the screen with no defects.
WebER on 11/11/2022
Fits the new iPhone 14 pro max nicely
I like that it’s easy to install and fits well on the phone. Three months and still looks good.
Bri Barger on 11/11/2022
This was so easy to install on my new iPhone! I did however screw up on the first one and have to use the second one which then applied flawlessly. Just make sure the bottom half fits the curves of your phone correctly before sliding your finger down the screen to adhere it.
Olivia on 11/8/2022
Love it!
Arrived quick and so easy to put on. I love this screen protectors come with guides this way! Would and will buy from here again.
Justin Foose on 11/7/2022
Perfect Install
If you like painless, timeless installs for your screen protector this is the go to product. The auto-alignment tool makes for the perfect install. No more hassle trying to get even borders all around. My favorite is the big dust removal cover. The same size as your iPhone place it down and remove all at once. You can’t beat the price especially when it comes with 2.
Nature Anguiano on 11/7/2022
So easy to put on
This comes with like a frame that you put on your phone. Run your finger down the center and remove the frame. I had one bubble the size of a fingerprint. I pushed it out in 10 seconds. This sounds too easy but I promise it’s true.Also, it has the appropriate tiny slit in the top center to fit the iPhone 14 Pro Max.I do not know how durable it is because I just put it on today.I bought a different brand first and the cutout at the top was completely different. I was not happy.Be very careful.
Amber's Mom on 11/6/2022
So easy to install!
It was SO EASY to install! It’s too soon to know how it will work but installation was very easy and fast.
Dinesh on 11/5/2022
very easy design to install
i really love how easy it is to install. great thought.
Jesús on 11/5/2022
100 % recommended
best product ever! easy to install and good material
John Snow on 11/3/2022
Love these, they fit perfect.
I absolutely love these screen protectors. I order this brand for every iPhone every time I upgrade. They work great, and are extremely affordable. They have held up to several drops. Great value for the money.
Panch on 11/2/2022
Very reliable product
It’s a reliable product and very easy to install and wort the value.
Amazon Customer on 11/2/2022
Works as advertised
Easiest installation I’ve personally experienced so far.
Aaron Bowman on 11/2/2022
Goes on just like expected. No bubbles
I like that the product was easy to install and the glass is durable.
Sucker for Romance on 11/1/2022
Absolutely genius! Just as easy as it shows. I tried to put the one on that came with my case. I got it crooked. That drove me crazy! Took it off to put it back on…apparently you’re not supposed to remove it once it’s on. Took it off completely & went looking for another solution.Found this product and I. AM. THRILLED!
Amazon Customer on 10/31/2022
Probably the best screen protector I have ever had
Perfect on the iphone 14 pro max.
Ryan Bragdon on 10/30/2022
Easy Peezy!
Easy install, no bubbles, not much more I could ask for! Took about 15 seconds to install! It fits with my case too!
Lacey Harshman on 10/29/2022
Great protector
It’s a great sleek screen protector, hardly looks and feels like you have a screen protector on. Extremely easy install and beyond satisfying to watch it adhere to your screen. And it has enough space on the sides for you to put any type of case on your phone.
DCLFLA on 10/29/2022
Easiest installation ever
Loved the frame supplied for installing. Made it foolproof.
Tyler Gibson on 10/29/2022
Very Easy. High quality
Love this easy application process and high quality!
Elementary Teacher on 10/28/2022
The best protector I’ve ever purchased!
This is seriously the best and easiest screen protector I’ve ever purchased, and I’ve purchased many for different phones over the years. SO easy to install I almost thought it wouldn’t work! Can’t speak for durability yet, but so far so good! Will def update later and if it holds I’ll be recommending to others!
nikesh on 10/28/2022
I do not usually leave reviews , but This products is the phenomenal , 10 star all day long
Keeley on 10/27/2022
Easy! Quick! Clean!
One of the easiest screen protectors to install. Comes with everything you need. It is pretty much effortless. The screen protector is thick enough to feel sturdy. No bubbles. No thinking, just simple follow the instructions and no worries!
Gary Cantrell on 10/27/2022
Cheap, easy and high quality!
There really isn't much I can say about this screen protector other than, stop your search right here. Buy this!! I've used this brand for all my previous iphones and a nintendo switch and it's been great for me. It's super cheap so why not just try it out. You'll be glad you did!!
C.Sebello on 10/27/2022
Great screen protector
I’m adding my two cents in on this. Perfect screen protector. Frame guide makes installing this glass protector simple and straightforward. As of now the glass protector is perfectly fit on my iPhone 14 pro max.
viral patel on 10/26/2022
Wow! Never done this so effortlessly
Wow! Never done this so effortlesslyVery easy to install, hope it stays
Irma Joy M. Agustin on 10/25/2022
It was so easy to install.
Sha Rejepov on 10/25/2022
Nice product I am using their screen savers for recent several years never complained. Keep it like this!!
mark on 10/24/2022
Perfect fit
Loved the ease of installation and the protection it provides. Smiley smooth to the touch.
Buekie Bob on 10/24/2022
Glad I Made the Switch to Tech Matte
Over the years I've used dozens of screen protectors on my personal and business iPhones but really glad I made the switch to Tech Matte for both of my brand, new 14 Pro Max iPhones. Installation couldn't be easier with the provided attachment trays that ensure proper alignment of the protector on the phone screen with minimal fuss. And the screen-sized dust removal 'stickee' included for prepping the phone screen was an unexpected but awesome upgrade over the small 'stickees' included with other screen protectors. Also got great support from Tech Matte customer service. Highly recommend this product.
Jack M. on 10/23/2022
Easy to install, fingerprint resistant
Recommended for its ability to avoid getting smudgy and stained. the applicator kit is easy to use and align. Take your time in cleaning the display glass and pick up any specks with a piece of tape.
Linda Drasheff on 10/23/2022
Great Glass Screen Protector
So easy to install. I watched a video on YouTube how to install. It was on in minutes. Great product.
Rohan13 on 10/23/2022
Excellent for promax
Just installed this on my 14 pro max. Very Easy to install, works well with Apple leather case. I would recommend this product.
HaTTa on 10/23/2022
But it!
Easy and secure install. Good value not much too it.
DaveMF on 10/22/2022
Best iPhone screen protector!
This is very easy to put on and had no bubbles. Very protective!
Autumn on 10/22/2022
If I could give this 100 stars I would. The screen protector is the best out there. It really hold its value and is very easy to install. I highly recommend this product.
Mooncake_Mama on 10/21/2022
Best tempered glass Easy to Install
This is by far the best tempered glass I've purchased. The film is encased in a plastic tray, and all you have to do is remove the film and place the tray on top of your phone, slide your finger downward to push out the air bubbles, remove the plastic tray, and done. It is so thin, you can barely see it's there. I just hope this protects my phone. As far as ease of install, the way they packaged it, perfect. Will update soon.
james jordan on 10/20/2022
Very easy to use
Very easy to use with a nice look
Mary on 10/19/2022
No bubbles
Only protector I’ve ever bought that I didn’t have at least one air bubble somewhere, especially on 1st try.
RedFox0625 on 10/19/2022
Great value and easy to use
I've purchased numerous screen savers over the years and never had one as easy to install as the mFilm OneTouch. The price was also one of the best out there. This is one I would recommend to friends.
Montgomery4870 on 10/19/2022
Great fit, works as advertised
Perfect fit, works as advertised
Sal on 10/19/2022
WOW - literally the easiest and most satisfactory glass install ever
I don’t usually write product reviews but I was so delighted by my installation experience that I just had to. I’ve installed this brand and other brands of glass protectors in the past, with various degrees of success. I don’t have the steadiest hands and I’m not the most patient person so sometimes there’s air bubbles or a piece of dust/debris that gets stuck on def the glass. This one comes with the plastic “guide” and the glass protector in one piece, which makes aligned the protector and ensuring an immediate adhesion quick and so simple. Big ups to whoever designed this one.
Weekly Cigar News on 10/18/2022
The easiest installation ever.
I was amazed as to how easy it was to install the screen protector for my iPhone 14 Pro Max. Literally follow the instructions and you cannot go wrong at all. As it says, 'One touch', they really mean one touch!
Martin on 10/17/2022
Fit well
The screen protector fits well with my iPhone 14 pro max. And the tools are very helpful, especially for the beginners. It’s the best screen protector I attached ever.
Daniel Del Cid on 10/17/2022
Perfect fit, perfect style, can’t even still the screen protector is on, life time warranty too, didn’t even know the protector was on after I put it on, overall 10/10
Mfalcone007 on 10/17/2022
Great Product, will order more for sure!
This screen protector saved my new phone today! I dropped it face down in my driveway earlier and it came down right on a pebble… the screen protector spidered out from the point of impact and absorbed all the damage, not a single mark on my actual screen… I am really impressed and grateful.
Veejay Ermita on 10/16/2022
Great product
I’ve bought several screen protectors, but this one is the best. So easy to use and great quality. Highly recommend. You really just clean the phone and the protector is attached to a guide to get a perfect fit.
Samuel M. Howard on 10/16/2022
Easy as pie…
Inexpensive and easy to install. Will recommend.
I'll take mine on Ice on 10/15/2022
Saved my screen
Easy to apply, no bubbles or dust. Like it’s not even there. Dropped my phone on machine at the gym, cracked the protector but saved my screen. Just used the second protector from the kit, so easy and convenient.
Tom on 10/15/2022
Great protector for the 14 Pro Max!
This is it! I rarely get a new to market phone, but sprung for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This screen protector is perfectly aligned to the ear speaker, with great coverage. It does not interfere with my Speck case.They have made installation a piece of cake with an included tray snap and press mechanism. Perfect alignment every time.. or at least the first time I did it. I still have one remaining for later down the road. Great product!
tamera l reynolds on 10/14/2022
Great so far!!!
So easy to install!!!
Matthew Reik on 10/14/2022
Easiest Install EVER
I'm pretty good at putting on screen protectors, but this kit removes almost all the skill needed to install. There's a dust removal sticker for the entire screen and an alignment tool which are the 2 most difficult things about installing a regular screen protector. The warranty claim is also super easy, as easy as can be. I will never buy another brand screen protector as long as their prices stay competitive.
Justin on 10/13/2022
Satisfied with the quality
I barely write the comment on any amazon order but I have to do this one. EXTREMELY easy to install, and the texture fills good. Comes with 2 protectors, if you do phone trade in every year or two, this is all you need.
N on 10/12/2022
I haven’t used a screen protector in years until now
I historically struggled to apply screen protectors just right, so when I read reviews stating that it goes on perfectly with this kit to the point that some people had to check if it actually adhere to the screen, I was all about it. I just got mine in the mail and applied it to my new iPhone 14 Pro Max and I was also wondering, “Wait, is that all? It’s perfectly aligned with zero bubbles???” Just buy it. Way easier than any other screen protector I’ve ever tried
Randall B Cress on 10/12/2022
It simplifies installing the new screen protector. This product exceeded my expectations.
Likes:The screen protector comes out of the box in a protective sleeve and it is already installed into the installer.All I had to do was clean the the screen on the iPhone and remove the mask film from the screen protector, then turn the plastic screen installer over and put it on to the iPhone, then rub the blue strip on the back of the installer.It fit perfectly, without any bubbles.Since the box contained two screen protectors, I have a spare for when I scratch or crack the protector.This product exceeded my expectations.I have zero things that I dislike with this product
Ray on 10/11/2022
Life sent!
So I used to work for a phone company and I am pretty good at installing screen protectors but this right here is a total game changer! My 5 year old could do it! It’s a must buy for sure. No bubbles and excellent quality!
C. Lee on 10/11/2022
OMG so easy!
Wife’s phone showed up today. Peeled the cover, peeled the screen protector, and placed the phone in the bracket. The screen protector went on easily and perfectly.
Patrick Voight on 10/11/2022
Easiest Installation Ever!
I have owned a few phones in my day, and have installed numerous screen protectors on all kinds of objects. This was by-far the easiest installation I have ever had. The instructions were clear and the included mechanism made the installation a breeze! I normally obsess over the symmetry of the protector and this ensured it was perfectly straight and centered. Thank you for making this so easy and painless!! Highly recommended!!

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