amFilm Galaxy S10 Screen Protector Glass Ultra (2-Pack)

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  • Proudly presenting amFilm Ultra: The Perfect Glass Screen Protector for the Galaxy S10.
  • Unlike any alternative on the market, this protector will work fully with the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. Simply re-scan your fingerprint AFTER application.
  • This package comes with all components needed to get a perfect installation, including a detailed application manual, as well as an installation video (available on this webpage).
  • This protector covers the rounded edges of the S10 with a highly transparent glass with no dot matrix or other impediments of previous Screen Protector iterations.
  • Lastly, we offer round-the-clock customer support for all of our products. If you encounter any issues during or after the application, just send us an email and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

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Galaxy S10

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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5

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John C. Tagle on 1/1/2021
Perfect screen protector
There were alot of steps but it was worth it. Only 2 issues but I fixed them easily. Had a small air bubble right in the middle but worked it out to the side. I realize the directions say not to do this so doing this is at your own risk. The speaker sticker was inadequate and even after pressing it firmly it still allowed glue to get to the speaker. After the install was done I simply rubbed the glue off the speaker. I double checked and all features still worked flawlessly on my Galaxy
Ryan Schiebout on 11/29/2020
a finicky, delicate bull$hit process
The first one didn't go as planned and I kept it on the phone until I had time to replace it with the 2nd one which comes. I get this stupid process all set up and go to pickup the screen protector and it snaps in half, from just picking it up. give me my money back ffs
Daryle on 8/9/2020
Galaxy s10 well protected
After going through four screen protectors for my Galaxy s10 I thought nothing would work with the problematic curved sides. I researched tech sites to get some expert advice on good screen protectors and amFilm was at the top of the list. I purchased on Amazon and watched the installation video five times before attempting an install. Well the installation went just like the video and now I finally have the quality screen I was looking for.
DeVante Marshall on 4/19/2020
Best Screen Protector Install Ever!
Sorry for the click bait title but that is exactly what I thought when I finished the install process. I actually bought this product a long time ago and decided to not use it until I had to. The process seemed intimidating but after watching the YouTube video and taking my time it came out literally perfect. Nothing under the screen, no bubbles, and, if you compare the placement by using the font facing camera, it has a better placement than the pre-installed protector.
Johan mendez on 11/18/2019
I really like it.....
I did watch the video how to install this screen like 3 time to make sure I know every step and it was very simple to install with no problem.
Chris on 10/21/2019
Fingerprint reader works, must redo prints and wait for vibration before scanning next print
Getting the box is a little intimidating. There's so much inside but the directions are great. Also they give you QR codes to quickly scan to bring up YouTube videos and to register your product easily for the lifetime warranty. I have used amfilm for years now and they are my go to for screen protectors. Nice and thick enough to save the screen, as I have experienced in the past with no damage to the phone screen. Just replaced the protector, and they usually put 2 in a pack. I highly recommend
Wanderson on 10/7/2019
I like it, but ...
I have 2 Note 10 plus and after following the instructions installation was a breeze. However, the frame broke when i removed the 1st phone out the frame. I was surprised how easily it broke, I was been very careful. I super glued and tape the frame for my 2nd installation and it appeared to be fine minus a little bit of glue oozed out of the frame. Well 2 weeks in I've noticed some bubbling. I reached out to them and hopefully all will be taken care with the warranty.
Anthony M on 10/1/2019
Very Good Product, Watch YouTub Video Before You Install
I have bought multiple amFilm screen protectors over the years for phones, tablets, and Nintendo Switches. They stay on, hold up to falls and still read your touch and fingerprint unlock. One word of advice I would give to anyone buying this product is to google "amFilms Note 10 install" and watch the video before installing. This is not like any other glass protector install because it can read your fingerprint. If you do that, it is easy to install. Just take your time.
Chad on 9/13/2019
Time is key
Awesome screen shield. After owning and trying over 20 screen shield brands, this is by far the best shield series I've owned. Take your time and make sure its 100% level. And of course watch the tutorial and have it handy to watch a second time during install.
Soniya Trivedi on 9/13/2019
Easy to Install, Fingerprint reader work as expected & Great product!
Excellent package, easy to apply after watching instruction video. The install/apply went fast. Phone fingerprint works without any problem and work as it was before. Totally satisfy with this Product/purchase for my Note10plus.
Isaac E on 9/9/2019
Good product, great value
Relatively easy application if you follow the instructions. Fingerprint reader still works after application. Two screen protectors, so if you mess the first one up you have another chance. Also warranty to get another one, can't ask for much more for the price.
Shelby Brooks on 9/3/2019
Easy install, Great product
My wife and I ordered this dual package with doubt, thinking it would be flimsy and hard to apply. We were wrong and glad to be wrong. The install went great and it was fast. Started off nervous because it was a liquid applied install, but I will only order this type of installation in the future. Both phones came out Great!!
Chris C on 8/14/2019
Great replacement screen protector - does what it says it does!
This screen protector does what it says it does. If your device came pre-installed with a factory screen protector, be sure to remove it, as the fingerprint sensor will not otherwise work. This is an especially good deal compared to other gel tempered glass protectors because you get two sets and TechMatte offers a lifetime warranty. You wont be disappointed!
Matthew S. on 8/14/2019
Easier than expected
Was weary of how involved the installation process seemed, but the included instructions and the video made it pretty simple. Definitely don't try to speed up the process. Do it someplace quiet and where you have about a half an hour of downtime. Would definitely recommend this product.
Sahibzada Saif on 8/12/2019
Best Quality and farely easy installation
Best tempered glass protector for the s10 plus. If you follow the instructions and keep calm you get the best hassle free installation. Fingerprint sensor is working better than ever. Overall a premium product. The best part is you get 2 of them incase you need a spare.
Frank Murphy on 8/9/2019
Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector Glass Ultra (2-Pack)
This is by far the best screen protector I've ever used not to bad to put on as long as u follow instructions it simple thanks guys I'll be buying again for future phones!!!
Jenson on 7/29/2019
Clean Look and Great Touch Sensitivity
My favorite s10 amFilm screen protector. Due to full adhesion, this protector feels more secure and there is no need to have black borders around it like other models that mask glue around the edges. Due to its relative thinness, there's also no need for unsightly "dot matrices" and the touch screen is super responsive. In fact, no need to turn on "Touch sensitivity" in Settings. Overall, I am very happy with this product. It preserves the natural beauty, clarity and functionality of the s10.
ashley on 6/25/2019
Take your time very easy install..
My first product review.I watched the video and read the instructions a few times before and during the install all went smooth putting the tempered glass on I have zero complaints. Very easy if you take your time follow the instruction and all will go smooth. My Pic are dusty but zero bubbles.

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    Will the S10 6.1-inch fingerprint reader work with this screen protector?

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