amFilm Galaxy S20 Ultra (2020) Ultra Screen Protector Glass (2-Pack)

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Galaxy S20 Ultra


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  • Proudly presenting amFilm Ultra: The Perfect Glass Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Unlike any alternative on the market, this protector will work fully with the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. Simply re-scan your fingerprint AFTER application. (Please be advised - the four dots around the scanner ARE supposed to be there. They are part of the solution to allow the fingerprint scanner to work)
  • This package comes with all components needed to get a perfect installation, including a detailed application manual, as well as an installation video (available on this webpage).
  • This protector covers the rounded edges of the S20 Ultra with a highly transparent glass with no dot matrix or other impediments of previous Screen Protector iterations.
  • Lastly, we offer round-the-clock customer support for all of our products. If you encounter any issues during or after the application, just send us an email and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra (2020)

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4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5

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Bryan E. on 5/30/2021
The ABSOLUTE BEST screen protector ever
Of the dozens of screens protectors I've had over the years, this one is the absolutely THE BEST. The installation video was simple. It went step by step. It looks amazing.
Anthony Lloyd on 1/4/2021
Best product ever
Don't even think about anyone else just buy techmatte Amfilm glass screen protector if you own a Samsung S20 Ultra. I've tried every other product but nothing compares to this product. I give it 5+ Stars, and I recommend this product. Never wasting my money again. Techmatte all the way! Thank you for this amazing product. Easy to install they have thought of everything.
PAUL J CHAPPLE on 7/22/2020
Well-designed product and installation package
Very impressed with product, installation kit and instructions. Important to watch the video. Final result is excellent and far better protection than factory-installed film.
Vishnu on 7/19/2020
Is it compatinle with s20ultra 5g?
Please let me k ow if i can install in s20ultra 5g phone..Regards
Donald on 6/2/2020
Best screen protectors made
I have had this brand of screen savers for the past 3 generations of phones I've had. This one was the most "difficult" installation of any of them, it was still easy! Take your time, take 5 minutes and watch the installation video and you'll have no problem.
Dave on 4/9/2020
Amazing and cheaper than competitors products!
Though the installation process was a bit more tedious than other screen protectors, I wouldn't say in the least that it was difficult. The process was pretty straightforward as long as you can actually follow instructions. The screen protector itself is crystal clear with absolutely no air bubbles, and the fingerprint sensor works perfectly. We used both of the protectors for both me and my wife, and both installed easily. We're very happy with the quality of the product! Highly recommend!!!
Joe on 3/27/2020
Great Product
Easy to apply. Fingerprint scanner works flawlessly.
Ron on 3/20/2020
Watch videos, read the instructions several times...preparation is everything. Got it on the first try and it is so much better than the stock protector. No bubbles, fits fine with case. Also I can't feel a gap on the edges with the case on so that's a huge plus for me. It's more expensive than your average protector but well worth it
Ilana on 3/17/2020
Must have product
I was dreading having to put a screen protector on my brand new phone, but this couldn't have been easier. I watched the video, read through the steps, and it worked just how it was supposed to! Fancy that. There was a bit of leakage of glue on the sides/top of the phone when I took it out of the holder, but it was easily cleaned up. I definitely, definitely recommend this screen protector and can't see how you'd need to buy the expensive $70 one over this.
Steven Younger on 3/13/2020
Although the installation process looks daunting at first the instructional video is extremely helpful and the process is extremely easy to complete. Everything worked flawlessly. I'm extremely impressed. Install the screen protector on my Samsung s 20 ultra at my kitchen table in about 15 minutes. Everything is cut do absolute precision, fits perfectly and the provided materials give you everything you need to perform a professional level installation. Absolutely recommended this product

Question and Answers


  1. LeoBonna:

    Hi! Are the "UV Dots" any visible orfelt by touch after the instalation?

    7/12/2020 3:17:04 PM [Respond]
  2. TechMatte Support:

    The "UV Dots" are on the underside of the screen protector. Once the protector is installed, the dots will not be visible and cannot be felt.

    7/14/2020 12:05:57 PM [Respond]
  3. Abdulla Grafix:

    Shall I remove the original screen film before installing this screen protector ?

    10/12/2020 2:11:18 AM [Respond]
    • TechMatte Support:

      Yes, please make sure to remove the original factory film before installing our screen protector.

      10/14/2020 12:56:52 PM [Respond]
  4. baldyloxz:

    Are these removable? Like to be able to trade in the phone for my next upgrade in a year or two

    12/26/2020 1:15:36 PM [Respond]
    • TechMatte Support:

      Yes, these protectors are removable. The liquid adhesive cures to a consistency similar to the gel adhesive that comes pre-installed on traditional tempered glass protectors. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our support team by email (support@techmatte.com).

      12/26/2020 2:10:20 PM [Respond]


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