Cracked screen? We’ve got that covered, and more.

The last thing you want is a damaged phone screen, but accidents happen all the time. So, wouldn’t it be great to have an affordable phone protection plan that keeps you stocked with screen protectors and reimburses in case something happens to your device? You can, and it starts with amPlus.

What is amPlus?

Here’s what our phone protection plan can do for you:

amPlus Offers One of a Kind Coverage

Screen Protection Screen Protector Deductible Price
amPlus Basic Yes Unlimited 0 $2.99/M
amPlus Premium Yes Unlimited 0 $4.99/M
ATT Yes NO $50 - $299 $8.99/M
Verizon Yes NO $99 - $199 $9/M
Apple Yes NO $29 $200/Y
Squaretrade Yes NO $149 or $174 $8.99/M
T-Mobile Yes NO Up to $275 $7-$10/M
Sprint Yes NO $50 - $275 $9-$17/M
Samsung Yes NO $99 $12/M

Choose a Phone Protection Plan

amPlus Basic unlimited free amfilm screen protector (covers up to $100)


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amPlus Premium unlimited free amfilm screen protector (covers up to $200)


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