A Phone Protection Plan is Worth it With amPlus

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Did you know two phone screens crack every second in the United States? Although the majority of cracks occur from unexpected accidents, it doesn’t change the fact that smartphone owners either have to get their devices repaired or buy new ones. Both options can be pricey, especially if you’re repairing a newer device or looking to buy the latest model. So wouldn’t it be great if you had a different, more affordable option that ensures your screen’s safety and helps take care of repair fees? TechMatte is proud to now offer amPlus, a one of a kind phone protection plan that takes care of your device and your peace of mind.

Phone Provider Protection Plans Are Not Practical

We know many providers offer their own versions of protection plans. We also know they’re not cheap when/if you find yourself with a cracked screen. Before repairs even begin, customers typically pay a deductible ranging between $50.00 and $300.00 depending on device make and model. As a company that specializes in products designed to keep your phones protected and safe, we know what those protection plans offer just isn’t enough. 

Choose a Plan 100% Designed in Your Interest

When you opt into amPlus, you’re immediately sent a free amFilm screen protector of your choice, plus the option to order a free, new screen protector monthly. We’re committed to keeping your devices safe from scratches and cracks, so it’s a no-brainer to us that your protection plan should start with applying a screen protector to defend your phone. If an accident would occur while using one of our screen protectors, amPlus also offers damage repair reimbursement (up to $100 for the basic plan and up to $200 for the premium plan) with absolutely no deductible.

amPlus is the Next Layer of Phone Protection

Nobody intends to damage their phone, but accidents happen all the time. So before you find yourself in a stressful, expensive situation, prevent it from happening in the first place with amPlus. With dependable screen protectors and readily available damage reimbursement, your devices are ready to take on anything that comes into contact with them.

Give your device the protection it deserves and learn more about our amPlus phone plan options today.