iPhone 12 Rumors: What We Know So Far (Part 2)

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Earlier this year, we rounded up some rumors about what to expect for the upcoming iPhone 12 series. We shared speculations about how many phones might be released, as well as screen size, colors, and camera updates. September is typically the month that Apple announces their newest iPhone series, so we’re getting very close to the annually anticipated reveal! Here’s everything we know about their speculated announcement event, when you’ll be able to order an iPhone 12, and more.

When will Apple’s iPhone12 keynote event occur?

For several years, Apple has unveiled their newest iPhone series the second week of September on a Tuesday or Wednesday. If that remained true, the event would be assumed to broadcast September 8th or 9th. According to Apple Insider, Apple may have recently accidentally leaked their event date to be September 9th when a “test video” was released on their YouTube channel for a short period of time before being removed. But according to MacWorld, it is possible things might be different this year due to the COVID-19. The pandemic has slowed down Apple’s hardware and software development, as well as delayed their supply chain. This could cause iPhone 12 models to ship weeks later than expected. If this happens, the keynote event may not be until October.

What are the iPhone 12 model names and sizes?

In our previous post, we mentioned there might be four new iPhone 12 models: one 5.4 inch, two 6.1 inch and one 6.7 inch phones. This rumor still holds to be true, with a lower-priced 5.4 inch iPhone 12, a 6.1 inch iPhone 12 Plus, a 6.1 inch iPhone 12 Pro Max and a 6.7 inch Pro Max.

What other iPhone 12 features will be discussed?

All the iPhone 12 devices are expected to have OLED displays and 5G connectivity. As seen on the iPhone 11 series, the dual-camera layout with 4GB of RAM would be on the lower tier options and the triple-lens setup with 6GB of RAM on the Pro models.

Where can I watch the Apple keynote event?

Users can watch upcoming and previous Apple keynote events on Apple’s events page: https://www.apple.com/apple-events

When can I order an iPhone 12?

We will not know the official date until Apple hosts their keynote event, but it seems like their “normal” iPhone release schedule might be different this year. Phones may not be for sale until October, or even November, so we have to play the waiting game a little while longer until Apple gives us their next update.

Hang in there little longer iPhone lovers! We look forward to Apple launching their newest series and for us at TechMatte providing you with our latest amFilm screen protection for your anticipated iPhone 12 devices!