The “Scariest” Phone Situations to Avoid this Season

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Ah, October. It’s the most and thrilling and spookiest time of the year with Halloween just around the corner. And while most of us enjoy a good fright around this time, we at TechMatte hope you get through the eerie season without having your own personal phone “scare.” Beware of the following situations that are sure to make you scream.

Dropping Your Phone and Cracking the Screen

There’s nothing scarier than accidently dropping your phone and wondering if it’s still going to be in one piece after impact. Already using one of our amFilm screen protectors? Great! You know how important it is to provide your device with an extra layer of protection. Our screen protectors also prevent scratches and reduce fingerprint smudges so you always have an optimal viewing experience. If you’re not using a screen protector, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your phone literally “go bump in the night” right onto a hard surface without the proper screen protection it deserves.

Paying Expensive Repair Fees

Did you hear that scream? That’s somebody who cracked their screen and just saw the repair fee receipt. Phone screen repairs can cost from $100 - $300 and higher depending on your device’s make and model. And did we mention there’s typically a deductible you’ll pay before repairs even begin? To prevent that kind of horrifying situation from happening, we suggest opting into a phone protection plan like our amPlus Basic and Premium options. When you opt into amPlus, you’re immediately sent a free amFilm screen protector of your choice, plus the option to order a monthly free screen protector. And if an accident occurs while using our screen protector, our plans offer damage repair reimbursement (up to $100 for the basic plan and up to $200 for the premium plan) with no deductible.

Damaging Your Camera Lenses

Your phone’s camera is one of the most important and essential features on your device. If not taken care of properly, your images may start appearing blurry and a bit ghostly from lens cracks and damages. The best way to take care of your camera is with back camera protectors, which we offer for several iPhone and Galaxy models.

Letting Your Battery Die from Not Charging

Remember when Dr. Frankenstein excitedly shouted, “It’s alive!” when his creation began moving? That’s actually a pretty relatable feeling for those who finally charge their phone after continuously letting the battery get too low. If you find yourself in that situation too often, consider having easily accessible chargers in your home and on-the-go. We have a great selection of wireless chargers you can have throughout your home, as well as car chargers in case you need to re-charge while out.

Heed our warnings and we promise your phones will remain safe from any “scary” situations this season – happy Halloween everyone!