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3D Full Adhesive

  • Step #1:
    Clean the screen with the provided wipes.
  • Step #2:
    Place installation tray over the phone, making sure it is in place.
  • Step #3:
    Remove the mask film of the screen protector, and set it alongside the BOTTOM of the installation tray for alignment. Slowly lower the protector on the screen.
  • Step #4:
    Swipe up the middle of the screen to make the adhesive begin to set.
  • Step #5:
    Remove the installation tray at this point.
  • Step #6:
    Using FIRM PRESSURE, squeegee the RIGHT side of the phone from BOTTOM to TOP, trying to keep the squeegee level (do not slant towards either side).
  • Step #7:
    Repeat Step #6 on the left side, making sure to use FIRM PRESSURE and from BOTTOM to TOP.
    Note: If there are bubbles on the screen anywhere, pry up the closest corner with your fingernail, absorbing the bubble. Set the protector back down, and squeegee the corner back onto the screen.
  • Step #8:
    Go to Settings, Advanced Features, and activate Touch Sensitivity, on devices where applicable (Samsung phones).

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