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  • Step #1:
    Begin by cleaning the screen with the Wet and Dry Wipes. Remove any case from the phone.
  • Step #2:
    Lay the phone flat on a level surface. Then place the Easy Installation Tray over the phone and snap it into place.
  • Step #3:
    Peel off the mask film from the Screen Protector.
  • Step #4:
    Using the Easy Installation Tray, line up the bottom of the protector to the phone. Carefully place the protector onto the phone.
  • Step #5:
    Use the squeegie to make the fingerprint scanner glue adhere to the screen flatly. This will make the fingerprint scanner function much better.
  • Step #6:
    Remove the Easy Installation Tray and press FIRMLY around all edges to seal the protector in place.

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