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Ultra V3 (UV-Gel)

  • Step #1:
    Turn off your device and apply the leveling pads to the back of your phone. These will keep the phone from sliding.
  • Step #2:
    Clean the screen with the wet & dry wipes and the dust removal stickers.
  • Step #3:
    Place the application tray on your phone. Make sure to align the side labelled “top” with the top of the phone. Press firmly into place.
  • Step #4:
    Insert the pins on each end of the application tray.
  • Step #5:
    Make sure the phone is 100% level by using the included bubble level. Set it in the middle of the phone’s screen. The bubbles will be centered when surface is flat.
  • Step #6:
    Place absorption pads in the side slots located on the longer edges of the application tray.
  • Step #7:
    Unscrew the RED cap of the first adhesive tube. Hold the tube over the left set of pegs on the application tray with the opened end facing down. Unscrewing the black cap will release the adhesive in the tube.
  • Step #8:
    Drip all the adhesive onto the left side of the screen. Repeat step 7 with the second adhesive tube. Apply the adhesive to the right side of the phone screen, aligning the tube with the pegs.
  • Step #9:
    Peel off the mask film of the screen protector, and set it within the tray, resting it on the pins on either edge of the phone. Make sure the camera cutout is aligned with the top of the phone, where the device’s front-facing camera is located.
  • Step #10:
    Slowly pull both pins outward to allow the protector to lower onto the adhesive. Once the protector touches BOTH adhesive puddles, pull the pins out the rest of the way AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Step #11:
    The adhesive will begin spreading on its own. While it is spreading, place the metal cylinder on the fingerprint scanner sticker.
  • Step #12:
    Wait for the adhesive to fully spread to all edges of the phone. DO NOT TOUCH the screen protector during this time.
  • Step #13:
    Plug in the UV Light and prop it up on its legs. Then turn it on. Place the UV Light over the top, middle, and bottom of the tray, and cure for 20 seconds each.
  • Step #14:
    Remove the installation tray and metal cylinder.
  • Step #15:
    Use the UV Light again on the top, middle and bottom of the phone for an additional 60 seconds each.
  • Step #16:
    Rescan your fingerprints into the phone system if needed, and enjoy the screen protector!

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