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OneTouch (Nintendon)

  • Step #1:
    Detach both Joy Con from your Switch.
  • Step #2:
    Begin by cleaning the screen the wet wipes and the Microfiber Cleaning cloth.remove any dust with the dust removal cover.
  • Step #3:
    Pull the tab downwards to remove the mask film. *Note: Pull DOWN! Pulling OUTWARDS may dislodge the screen protector from the tray!
  • Step #4:
    Place the application tray over your Switch. The top of the tray aligns with the top of your Switch.
  • Step #5:
    Press the screen protector on the end gently as shown in figure. Slide over to the other end slowly. The screen protector will attach and adhesive will spread automatically.
  • Step #6:
    Remove the application tray from the device by lifting it off of the device.
  • Step #7:
    If needed, press along the edges of the screen protector to reinforce the adhesive to the device's surface.
  • Step #8:
    Re-attach Joy Con and enjoy your Switch.

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