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Ultra (UV-Gel)

  • Step #1:
    Turn off your device and apply the leveling pad to the back of your device, at the bottom. This will keep the phone level on the table.
  • Step #2:
    Peel one of the Speaker Stickers from its film and insert it in the lower slot at the top of the application tray. This prevents adhesive gel from entering your device’s speaker.
  • Step #3:
    Place the application tray over your device.
  • Step #4:
    Press down on the Speaker Protecting Tab so it adheres to your device’s speaker.
  • Step #5:
    Find a flat surface for the installation. Use the level (the bubble will be centered when level) to verify the surface is completely flat. Clean your device’s screen before proceeding.
  • Step #6:
    Insert the plastic pin in the designated slot at the top of the tray, above the Speaker Protecting Tab.
  • Step #7:
    The application tray will be pre-installed with absorption pads to soak up any excess adhesive. Please make sure they are securely installed on either side of the tray. Clean your device’s screen once more.
  • Step #8:
    Make sure your device’s screen is still dust-free. Then remove the red cap of the Adhesive Tube and hold it directly over the MIDDLE of the device, with the open end facing downwards. The adhesive will NOT seep out at this point.
  • Step #9:
    Unscrew the other end of the tube to release the adhesive. Make sure the adhesive is positioned above the middle of the device.
  • Step #10:
    Remove the mask film from the screen protector, and place the bottom edge of the protector on the phone, allowing the top edge to rest on the plastic pin.
  • Step #11:
    Slowly pull the pin from Step 6, so the protector lowers and gradually touches the adhesive. Once the screen protector makes contact with the adhesive, it will start to spread. At this point, quickly finish pulling the pin out.
  • Step #12:
    Place the metal cylinder on the Fingerprint Scanner. This is located 3/4” from the bottom of the device. Allow the adhesive to spread automatically. This could take 2-3 minutes. DO NOT PRESS ON THE SCREEN PROTECTOR OR THE CYLINDER.
  • Step #13:
    Plug in the UV Light, prop its legs outwards, and suspend it over the phone for 15 seconds on each section (top, middle, and bottom.)
  • Step #14:
    Remove the cylinder from your device, and use the UV Light to cure the area of the screen that had the cylinder on top of it for 30 additional seconds.
  • Step #15:
    Repeat the process from Step 13, for intervals of 60 seconds each.
  • Step #16:
    If you registered your fingerprint before applying this screen protector, the fingerprint on file with your phone may no longer work. We recommend re-scanning each finger TWICE to ensure optimal accuracy.

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